Start predicting.

Avenieuw is an end-to-end mobility solution that helps you improve communication with commuters. Driven by machine-learning and strong integration with various data sources, it collects data and transforms it into meaningful and actionable outputs for your customers.

Why Avenieuw?

Get the best parking advice

Forget driving around in circles to find available parking. Avenieuw directs you to the nearest parking facilities to your event, and provides the possibility to book a spot weeks in advance.

Leave the car at home

Traffic too intense? Just ask Avenieuw for public transport advice, or choose a combination of park and ride. You can still stay in the driver's seat while leaving the car at home.

Find the quickest cycling routes

Popular events leads to a congested city, but you can avoid all the hassle of the hustle and bustle by hopping on your bike. Discover the quickest routes and safest spots to lock up.

Get real-time traffic reports

Responsibly combining machine learning algorithms and big data, Avenieuw monitors real-time traffic flows as well as predicting potential jams, so you are in total control of when you arrive.

Get predicted weather forecasts

Not surprisingly the weather plays a big part in road conditions and the popularity of events. Combining these elements Avenieuw predicts the outcome and offers the most relevant advice, come rain or shine.

Chat wherever, whenever

Avenieuw is a totally integrated API and available on multiple platforms. This complete flexibility means you can get advice before, during and after events for traffic, parking and weather.

"We were looking for a 24/7 tool that could inform and advise visitors of The Hague about our activities, museums and events and how to get there in a convenient way. Avenieuw is just that: a friendly digital host that welcomes our visitors, guides them through the offerings of The Hague and makes sure that they can enjoy a carefree stay in our beautiful city!"
Arjen Reijneveld
Accessibility Adviser, Department of Accessibility and Traffic Management – Municipality of The Hague

"Avenieuw is working with us to create a safer, smarter city."

Gemeente Den Haag