A Better Customer Experience with the Power of AI

Delays, cancellations, crowded busses – not the things commuters enjoy facing. To provide better customer experience for their travellers, Arriva, one of the biggest transport providers in the Netherlands, had organized the Open Innovation Challenge. Avenieuw was the winning solution for this challenge.

Arriva asked us to join forces and we worked closely together on new innovative solutions using Avenieuw’s AI-driven platform. We were asked to implement two pilots for better customer experience; a pilot for delays and another for fleet occupancy. Avenieuw can now give information about delays in the fleet and available seat predictions in buses based on completely anonymous OV-chipkaart data. This information, provided with live APIs, can be used in travel apps and be communicated to travellers real-time.

Working with the Avenieuw team was a great experience. The intelligent solution combined with AI and machine learning they provided helped us rediscover and turn our data into useful content. – Arriva Team

The future is here now, with machine learning providing better customer experiences. Avenieuw’s applicability is not limited to transportation but it can be applied elsewhere in the world and even combined with COVID19 epidemiology data-sources. Get in touch to learn more about how you can enrich your solution with Arriva.