Avenieuw is live on denhaag.com

Last year we ran a pilot for the municipality of The Hague (read more) and it was a success: we were asked to be the digital host of the city of The Hague, helping the visitors to plan their next visit and have the best event or cultural experience in the city. Following some finetuning and brainstorming sessions, Harry the intelligent chatbot is now live at denhaag.com – powered by Aveniuew!

Ask ahead and make the most out of your experience in The Hague and Scheveningen beach. You can ask Harry about events, restaurants, walking routes, museums and attractions, public transport, parking and opening times. Get your tailor-made trip information and enjoy every moment with the freedom of movement.

We will keep improving Avenieuw to give you even a better experience and not only limited to The Hague. Stay tuned!