The Summer Is Here! And We Have Updates

We have been quiet, but we have been working on Avenieuw! We ran a pilot for the Municipality of The Hague where Avenieuw provided the AI predicted live info for the International Firework Festival. It was a success and we were asked to take the next step; we will be the digital host of the city of The Hague, helping the visitors to plan their next visit and have the best event or cultural experience in The Hague.

What to do in The Hague or at Scheveningen beach, what is the best place to park my car, are there enough parking spots, will I make it to the event on time? You have the questions; we have the answers. And in the near future Avenieuw will also allow visitors to book parking spots and rental bikes in advance. We’re here to help you have the best experience providing tailor made trip information.

The locals are not overlooked either and the next step for Avenieuw will be providing information specifically to them. We know how frustrating it can be when you come home after work but have to go in circles to find a parking spot because there’s an event in the area. With Avenieuw, instead of doing rounds you will know in advance whether the traffic conditions are affected by events or if there are road works organized around your area.

After a bit of fine-tuning, the Avenieuw intelligent chatbot will go live on the official city website later this summer. We’ll keep you posted here!