The Summer Is Here! And We Have Updates

We have been quiet, but we have been working on Avenieuw! We ran a pilot for the Municipality of The Hague where Avenieuw provided the AI predicted live info for the International Firework Festival. It was a success and we were asked to take the next step; we will be the digital host of the city READ MORE

From Proof-of-Concept to Pilot

The story so far… It all began in 2017, when co-founders John Bilay and Roberto Viana came across the Startup in Residence Den Haag challenge, and believed that their solution would be a worthy contestant. Startup in Residence is based on the Silicon Valley “innovation hub” concept, working together with municipalities and local startups to READ MORE

Freedom of Movement to Enjoy Every Moment

No one likes being stuck in traffic. You’re all geared up for the event of the year, but the worst happens… You’re stranded in a long queue of equally frustrated drivers, all wishing they were somewhere else. It happens time and time again, often with little improvement. But how can we address this issue to READ MORE

Infrastructure For Keeping Cities Smart

The Hague. A city of cultural, sporting and business excellence. The Dutch diplomatic city, renown for its political institutions, financial sector and burgeoning startup scene. A city where there is something going on every day. From international conferences, to capacity filled arena concerts, local artisanal markets to open air public events. The Hague is happening. READ MORE

Startup in Residence The Hague 2017

Governmental accelerator program, Startup in Residence The Hague, has kicked off its training program. The program incorporates six startups that were carefully selected over the last months. We checked in with all of them to hear about their plans. Over the course of the spring, the municipality of The Hague called on startups to submit READ MORE

Keeping Local Retailers and Residents Happy

Traffic Management is an often completely overlooked, yet vital aspect of the organisation of the infrastructure of any city. Excellent traffic planning has benefits beyond the most obvious; less congested roads and streets. It also vitally keeps local retailers, and residents happier and more included citizens in society. Which serves to benefit the city economy READ MORE

Creating a Smart City Solution

The Problem. As cities grow remaining accessible to its citizens and visitors becomes a bigger challenge. “There is literally no more space for more traffic on the road or parked along the roadside or in parking garages.” Gemeente Den Haag. Our Solution. Event Traffic Management as a Service A data driven Artificial Intelligence (AI) all-in-one READ MORE