Creating a Smart City Solution

The Problem.

As cities grow remaining accessible to its citizens and visitors becomes a bigger challenge.

“There is literally no more space for more traffic on the road or parked along the roadside or in parking garages.” Gemeente Den Haag.

Our Solution.

  • Event Traffic Management as a Service
  • A data driven Artificial Intelligence (AI) all-in-one platform that continuously learns, analyses, and predicts traffic conditions in the city
  • Featuring a multi layer city-map with a helicopter-view of events, demonstrations, and road works, affecting the traffic in the city area
  • Integrates with existing applications, apps, social media via standard API’s

Underlying Magic

  • Reusing existing components we can create a brand new, highly intelligent and functional platform
  • The solution will run on the cloud so its scalable and robust enough to serve the high demands from events
  • Our platform will not operate isolated, but it will connect to existing known social and traffic apps, leveraging from rich data channels

‘Out of clutter, find simplicity. From Discord, find harmony. In the middle of difficulties, lies opportunity.’ – Albert Einstein.

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