Infrastructure For Keeping Cities Smart

The Hague. A city of cultural, sporting and business excellence. The Dutch diplomatic city, renown for its political institutions, financial sector and burgeoning startup scene. A city where there is something going on every day.

From international conferences, to capacity filled arena concerts, local artisanal markets to open air public events. The Hague is happening. And it’s getting busier. But all these great events means an increase in congestion. Which leads to busier streets, crowded areas, and long traffic jams. So, how can we keep the people of The Hague happy, while still entertaining an impressive public events programme?

Introducing AVNU. the event traffic management platform. The AI driven all-in-one tool that allows event goers, residents and retailers to track and monitor traffic in the city. By consuming big amounts of data sources our tool can analyse, predict, recommend, and continuously learn. Then prescribe mitigation measures to minimise the traffic impact as a result of events.

We cleverly combine a blend of historical and real-time urban data analytics with AI, to bring you an intelligent, effective events traffic management solution for the city. So event goers can reach their destination in the smartest way. Keeping the people of The Hague, happy and healthy.